About us

web header 2The Youth Mission Project  started in 1991, when 4 youth decided they wanted to make a difference in their world by helping the poor in Mexico.

Motivated to make their dream a reality, a group of Young Life volunteers rallied around the young men and within a month 47 teens committed to travelling  down the first year to build 2 houses for the poor.  2013 celebrated the 20th year of the trip, with the mandate always being the same.  Helping the poor, while building the character of youth...


Tent LogoThe ezra and nehemiah trust (tent)

has adopted the trip as one of their ministries for the UK providing support and fiscal accountability. TENT is dedicated to sending youth, students and adults overseas to make a lasting impact to impoverished communities. Our heart is to inspire and challenge our volunteers through immersion in cross-cultural mission, so that when they return they impact their home communities with radical servanthood. We will be returning to South Africa again in 2015, to continue with our established projects, and expand into new works in South Africa.

Most of the 2010 South Africa Build team on the field

Long term vision

Our dream is to develop and model a sustainable, easily reproduced house and community building sturcture which local builders will be able to copy and use to expand their local economy, education oportunities.   We have built a range of buildings to meet this need, including houses, utility buildings, a bakery, training centre, etc. Once we have developed a building technique that is cost effective, durable, sustainable, trusted by local builders, able to be built quickly with unskilled labour and acceptable to the South African Government, we hope to showcase these buildings to the South African Planning Department, so we can reach further impoverished communities in South Africa and around the world.

Serving the local community

In the process of trialling different construction styles, we want to humbly serve the local community, making a lasting difference to the lives of individuals. Whether that be building a family a home, providing communal utilities and electrical infrastructure, supporting local ministries or taking the time of day to stop and listen to people, we want to build people in the most appropriate way. We take a flexible approach, working closely with our local partners to ensure that our presence is culturally sensitive, effective in alleviating conditions of poverty, and safe for our participants.