Youth Leaders

We’re passionate about working with young people and want to open up the opportunity to join us on this life-changing adventure.

Our passion is to not only bring hope and practical help to the African communities in which we serve, but to develop the lives and character of our participants. Whilst it is not the only way of discipling youth, we have found that immersing them in cross-cultural mission often nurtures passions, desires and a contagious enthusiasm within the trip participants. The true value of the experience is revealed in the difference that they then go on and make in their local communities when they return home.  

Interested? We want to work with you!

Why not get in touch?We partner with a whole range of youth organisations and denominations as together we strive to reach out to and disciple today’s young people.
We’d love to chat through how we could work with your group, and are more than happy to come and visit if that would help get the ball rolling. Contact Us