by PUSHING THE ORANGE BUTTON you are signing up for the 2017 YMP africa trip.  


IMG_20131029_160919When you apply online, we will expect that you are coming as part of a group.  Your group leader must be part of the group listed in the pull down menu on the application form.  If your group or leader is not listed, then please contact BILL HEBNER  to add your group to the register once we have contacted your leader to confirm that your group is going it will appear on the pull down form.

Remember  all cheques for the overseas component of the costs are payable to:

In UK:


28 Palace Ave, Rhyl, Denbighshire, LL18 1HS

Tent Logo

In Canada:

The Trinity Baptist Legacy Foundation

1905 Springfield Rd,  Kelowna BC.

(Make Note it is for YL27)